Saturday, 14 September 2019

The Devil And Daniel Johnston

I would really recommend you watch this film about Daniel Johnston, it blew me away.

RIP Daniel ♥

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Why Blog

I wanted to start this blog for a couple of reasons and I spent a long time planning it so I guess it's been important for me. 

First of all, I felt a big need to find a way to share myself and my work online that I was more comfortable with. No social media I knew of felt right for that purpose, specifically instagram.

Having a blog is giving me so much more freedom of how to present myself. 
I also wanted my music to be like a subcategory under a bigger platform that I'm in full control of. FF is like an umbrella for everything I do now but FF is also meant for others because another reason I started it was because I wanted to curate some series and work with other people. 600 Sec ended up being the first series on here but theres more to come.

I got the name FF from a Swedish abbreviation, it stands for 'föräldrafritt' meaning something like 'free from parents'. During the 00’s ‘FF’ was a studio recorded TV show for kids in Sweden. It was just a bunch of kids getting invited every episode to do shit they're not allowed to do when their parents are around. Also, if you're a teen and your parents are out of town you tell your friends to come over 'cus it’s FF'! I always thought it sounded good and it took me ages to decide on a name so i went for that. 

Time will tell what FF will grow into

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Emiranda + Mechatok + Toxe + Kareem Lotfy

This is happening in Amsterdam August 23 at Garage Noord
Live sets by Emiranda and Kareem Lotfy + Toxe and Mechatok dj sets

Bring your buddies

Monday, 8 July 2019

VeniceW SS19 - CityThat$nezZZeALot!

I made a mix for my friend Venice W and her runway show at Madrid fashion week, I hope you enjoy


Stereolab - Nomus Et Phusis
Vladimir Cosma - Sentimental Walk 
Cassius - Hi Water
5ive - Entropy
Regular Citizen - Delicate Intro
Sonic Weapon & K-Line - G.o.d PT.1 
Tasho Ishi - I Always Still Yakuza
Reiko Kudo - 泉 [Fountain]

Artwork by Venice W