Monday, 30 December 2019

Mix for If-Only magazine

Ending & beginning the year with a new mix 

This decade has been the intro to my own world of music and I cant wait to take it with me into the next one 

Thank you to everyone who been listening


Stereolab - Blue milk
K-LINE - Saxopetu
Meredith Monk - Quarry Procession
Backtearer - Valerinane 
Mariah - Shinsen 
Elysia Crampton - demo for my tio 
Dean Blunt - as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel
Jun Togawa – A Promise To Dream
5ive - Almost Heaven 
Toxe - kiss kiss (fall in love Edit)
Roxy - True To Life
Backtearer - Circularralucric
Toxe - Maybe Tomorrow 

John Maus - ...And the Rain 
Iгор Цимбровський - Прийди Янголе
Emiranda - Emiranda (Break)
Maurice Faulton & Stress - Wet & Sticky
Hot Sauce / Maurice Fulton - C'était bon, Très bon (Dr Scratch Vibe mix) 
Name unknown / Valiha music from Madagascar
Dirty Beaches - Night Drive
Powder - Spray
Crystallmess - Ataluku

Artwork by me 

Friday, 20 December 2019

600 sec by Philip FM

The text read within this episode is an adapted excerpt of 天涯歌女 (singing girl at the sky’s edge) lyrics made up of official translation and bad google translate results read by Mimi Bahk. The rest is written by Philip FM himself, dedicated to his ageing mother

From the end of the world to the furthest sea
the companion, the younger sister
singing, playing the zither

the two of us, we have the same heart
the heart of the mountain, the tears of the north
the tears of the younger sister

tears fall and wet my blouse

I miss you, affliction of love
I am like the thread, you are like the needle
we are held together, never to be apart

I had a friend called Mimi in school and she told me, about 12 years ago, a story about her grandparents. 

She was telling me about how after her grandma died, she'd find her granddad sitting alone at night in the dark, listening to recordings of her singing, over and over again.

She was a singer.

I am 28 years old, almost 29... Mum is nearly 70..

I feel like I'm 15 right now, probably because I'm at home with my parents, in the house I grew up in, in the bed I slept in for nearly all of my life as a child and a teenager and later on when I didn't have anywhere else to go.

I think about death - and dying a lot. I feel pretty ok with the idea of death. Maybe it's because it's never happened to anyone very close to me, which is lucky, but it will, someday soon.

I always think about when my mum finally dies, I'll be just like Mimi's granddad, sitting in the dark.

Mum isn't a singer... she never sings actually, and there are no recordings of her singing.. But I'll be listening to all the music she loves, music that I love because of her. Music that I listen to to remind me of her. I think about how much of a wreck I'll be all the time, listening to all the music she loved.

Tears fall and wet my blouse

I miss you, affliction of love
I am like the thread, you are like the needle
we are held together, never to be apart

Queena Cui - 天涯歌女
黃齡 - 天涯歌女(前奏)
bela - HNY, AM10:45
Koda Kumi - キューティーハニー
Crystal Kay - LOST CHILD
Rina Sawayama - Time Out (Interlude)

Artwork by Anna Marl
Voice by Mimi Bahk