Monday, 13 July 2020

FF Radio episode 3


Mechatok - Powder 
DJ Lifeline - V
Mica Levi - Hosting 
This Mortal Coil - Another day (Oliver Coates cover, vocals by chrysanthemum bear)
Nkisi - Blackbox
Arca - Riquiquí
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
Mechatok - All The Time
PIG - Love Me Still
NÍDIA - Capacidades
Palmistry - Basho Dew
Bröderna Lejonhjärta OST 1977
Jasper Spicero - Sharon and Rose
Toxe - CG Dinner
Olive - You’re Not Alone
Palmistry - Tru Luv (featuring Toian)
Shinichi Atobe - Yes
Toxe - Be By The Sea

Artwork by me 

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aboulie said...

Aaaaaaa, this is absolutely riveting! Your artwork makes my heart melt. Your mixes & music make me soar. In my solitude I feel safe and surrounded by love. Your work & creativity is something that makes life special. Thank you thank you thank you. Hoping life is being sweet to you & accommodating the happiness you deserve X